We enjoy a visit from DG Narek Bido

Guest speaker on 12th June was the modest but truly inspirational Narek Bido, currently District Governor of Rotary District 1320, a member of the Falkirk Rotary Club, Chief Executive Officer of Recovery Scotland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Top of Narak’s agenda was the importance of boosting Rotary membership and updating the club’s activities, involvements and partnerships. He stressed the need to develop the organisation’s work on the international stage, and said it was important that local clubs like Lochaber targeted a wider range of possible membership opportunities including attracting younger people. He said: “The youth of today are the Rotarians of tomorrow, and therefore it is important that we engage with them through schools, youth clubs and organisations by promoting the bigger picture of what we do, not just in our communities, but across the world”.

“We have an amazing story to tell and one which will encourage membership of Rotary. Once it is simply explained more young people will see the benefits of membership.” As a potent example of excellent marketing, Narek highlighted Lochaber Rotary’s web site as a model which other clubs could copy.

Narek recalled that the Lochaber Club had been chartered since 1950 and had established deep roots within the Lochaber community over the last 75 years.  He said he was impressed by the Club’s social, community and fund-raising activities, mentioning the annual Christmas festival, annual golf tournament and support for various youth activities, including promoting the Young Writer Competition which attracted 110 entries last year.

With his experience and knowledge of the role Rotary plays in the world today, Narek  explained the need to enhance and expand the Rotary Fellowship by welcoming new members, associates, partners and friends of Rotary, He also emphasised the importance of  building relationships with other active organisations, stressing that by working together Rotary can “change lives” both locally and the world over..

Club President Flora McKee thanked Narek for his encouraging remarks about the club and added; “We will take on board  all your suggestions – we will aim to change lives, encourage youth, seek partnerships and promote membership”. Members responded with warm and appreciative applause.